We’re still a couple of short weeks away from the formal release of the pair’s sophmore album “Audio/Video/Disco,” but as we’ve come to expect in the year 2011 we can, through the miracle of the internet, hear some of it already. A few months back we showed you the video to “Civilization.” “Helix” was Whak’s SOTW last week. The title track video is after the jump and now, courtesy of OneThirtyBPM we have a couple more, “Newlands” and “Canon.” All told we’ve now got 5 out of the 11 tracks. Full t/l along with that video after the break.

Audio, Video, Disco Tracklist:
01. Horsepower
02. Civilization
03. Ohio
04. Canon (Interlude)
05. Canon
06. On’n’on
07. Brianvision
08. Parade
09. Newlands
10. Helix
11. Audio, Video, Disco

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