Most everyone knows and loves Seinfeld. The enduring comedic genius from Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld continues to permeate our televisions and culture to this day. The characters and story lines are what made the show so special but the creative team also knew how to make the music work in harmony with the jokes. The choices of music and their references were often very obscure, others more mainstream, but you can’t forget them if you’ve seen as much Seinfeld as I have.  This compilation of Seinfeld tunes spans the length of the series and is a must listen for any Seinfeld fan.

Through the diligent efforts of quizmaster David Oliver from Trivia A.D.’s recent NYC Seinfeld Trivia tournament, he has put together a quality compilation of Seinfeld tunes that are guaranteed to highlight memorable moments of the show. Whether it was Newman hauling supreme flounder for China Panda, or Elaine’s battles with dancing and The Eagles, or my personal favorite of the entire series, Kramer’s “My Baby Takes the Morning Train” montage when he finally lands that sweet corporate 9-5. When old man Leland is busting your hump over some reports, put some crackers in your briefcase and crack this soundtrack up real loud.

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